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Aug 25, 2013 11:00pm PDT
story. >> reporter: if there's one thing you walk away with after spending the day at martha's kitchen, it's that good work and easy work are far from the same thing. and something jose garcia can demonstrate for you with a meat slicer and a few dozen pounds of roast pork. >> i've been on it for about an hour and a half, and i've got about 45 minutes still. >> reporter: that still is a lot of sliced meat, but the folks at martha's kitchen are going to need it not to mention the 00s of potatoes and gallons of soup to go with t because when they open their doors later this day, 300 people are going to come through them, looking for a meal. it's a drill that is practiced twice a week at this location, san jose's sacred heart church, yet, still is only a frack shun of what they do around here. thanks in large part to the influence of martha's kitchen's executive director. after a career at high tech firms like ibm, apple and hp, shy got some bad news back in the early part of the last decade. >> what i thought was a devastating event of my life, when i got laid off, it was actually
Aug 18, 2013 11:00pm PDT
white house after a week-long vacation at martha's vineyard. here they are arriving. he spoke out only once, making a statement against the ongoing violence in egypt. >>> sexual harassment allegations are promming some people in san diego to launch a recall effort to remove their mayor. bob filner is refusing calls to resign despite facing sexual harassment allegations from a dozen women. 101,000 signatures have to be collected to trigger a recall election. >>> community members will have several opportunities to give an input about the future of the contra costa fire district. budget cuts have led to fire station closures for the past two years. the meetings will give people a chance to offer feed back that is critical to evaluating the fire district. the first meeting is at the pittsburg public library tomorrow at 6:30. >>> take a look at this video. three cars went up in flames in the parking lot of coliseum last night. that massive plume of smoke could be seen inside the stadium as well at least one car was destroyed and several more were burned. investigators believe the fire
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2